Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Had To Share

We have been writing descriptive paragraphs about the rocks we have been studying and I wanted to take it a step further.  I gave the students cameras with microscopic lenses and told them to focus on something on their rock that they described in their paragraph.  They then had to change the description from a onlooker point of view to the rock's point of view (I, rather than "the rock").  We will be taking these photos and making the rock give the description using ""  I will post those creations also, but I was so amazed with their work...I just had to share!  We will share the original writing with the photos in our Celebration of Learning where the parents and community attend.

 The students worked with a partner giving advice and reviewing the photos .  Once the photos were loaded onto the computer the students chose the final photo that "will tell its story."  My initial instructions were to photograph their rock "up close" and make sure they photographed the detail they explained in their written description.  The rest was up to them...except I wanted them in focus.

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